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 SoundExpert 821
SoundExpert 821
 Specifications highlighted
SoundExpert 821 highlights
Noise Measurements At Your Finger Tips
noise measurement at your figure tip, 821 SLM  


The SoundExpert Model 821 works like your phone. It does just that with a large touch display viewable in any condition. Whether making handheld noise measurements or measuring environmental noise for a several weeks, the SoundExpert Model 821 is an excellent choice for ease of use and low power operation.

For more advanced applications, options such as 1/1 or 1/3 octave filters for frequency analysis are available.

Using the included G4 LD Utility software, data can be downloaded, visualized, manipulated, and exported to a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel® .xlsx.  


Outdoor Noise Monitoring
outdoor noise monitoring  


SoundExpert NMS048

When protection and extra power are needed for unattended outdoor
noise measurements
, choose from a variety of protective cases with batteries, solar power, and grid / mains power capabilities.



Download pdf

pdf SoundExpert 821 Data Sheet


Model CAL200
- Class 1 Calibrator for 1/2" microphone
- Calibration frequency 1kHz
- 94 or 114 dB ( 0.2dB)

Acoustics Calibrator; Larson Davis CAL200 (for Sound Level Meter)


Utility Software
Free of Charge SLM Utility-G4 is availble for download. It can be used for remote control of 821 and data download to PC for reporting, printing and export to other program like Excel.

Larson Davis Sound Level Meter Utility-G3 software

For more information at LD website....