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Larson Davis 821 Sound Level Meter
New Product
New SoundExpert 821 Sound Level Meter
Larson Davis just launches the SoundExpert Model 821, which works like your phone. Whether making handheld noise measurements or measuring environmental noise for several weeks, the SoundExpert Model 821 is an excellent choice for ease of use and low power operation.

It has excellent dynamic range (14 to 140 dBA) and there is no need to adjust gain for all measurements. Its IP65 rating and operation temperature up to 60 degree C gives you peace of mind when measuring noise at outdoor construction sites.

Learn more about the 821 Sound Level Meter
PCB force handbook
Force Handbook by PCB Piezotronics
The handbook explains the construction of piezoelectirc force and strain sensors, the hints in installation and the comparison with strain gauge load cell. At the end, it explains the construction of 6-axis force arrays.

Download the force handbook (pdf)
PCB / IMI Mechanical Vibration Switch
Featured Product
PCB / IMI Mechanical Vibration Switch
Mechanical switches provide protection at a low cost for less critical machinery like cooling tower. These switches are easy to install, do not require power to operate.

Learn more about PCB / IMI Mechanical Vibration Switch
iTestMeasure Co. Ltd.
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Featured Products : 831C Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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