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Larson Davis 831 demo on sales
Featured Product
Half price on Larson Davis 831 demo SLM
An attractive offer for the demo 831 Sound Level Meter.

It includes measurements for
1. Octave spectra
2. Dual loggers in 2 time intervals e.g. 1 min & 30 min
3. Reverberation Time Measurement
4. Sound Recording (option)

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Adash new A4900
Featured Product
New Improvements on Adash A4900 Vibration Meter
Adash makes further improvements in the popular A4900 Vibro M Vibration Meter with built-in Expert System FASIT for fault detection.

Improvements are:
1. Rubber protection bumper on casing
2. Bigger screen and readable under sunlight
3. Rechargeable battery for 15 hours operation
4. USB C connector

Last but not the least, Vibrio M can be used as a data logger for continuous data logging using the new 'Auto Save' function.

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PCB dynamic strain sensor
Featured Product
Dynamic Quartz Strain Sensor. Alternative To Strain Gauge
Quartz piezoelectric strain sensors output the same mV/microstrain sensitivity throughout the entire useful range, avoiding nonlinearity issues associated with Wheatstone Bridge-based strain sensors exhibit when used beyond the useful midrange of measurement.

The industrial strain sensor comes with the screw for easy mounting without using the glue.

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Featured Products : 831C Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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