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Larson Davis 831C Sound Level Meter for low noise measurement
Featured Product
Measure down to 6 dBA
Do you face the challenge of measuring very quiet sound in anechoic chamber or sound booth?

Thanks to the Low Noise ICP Microphone and Preamplifier 378A04, measurement down to 6 dBA can be made with the Larson Davis Sound Level Meter 831C SoundAdvisor.

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The secret of balancing video by Adash
Video on balancing
The best position for trial mass during balancing
Improper position of the trial mass may increase the vibration of the machine to a danger level or may even trip off the machinbe. This video explains how to determine the best position of the trial mass after the first run so that the vibration can be reduced right away.

Watch the Adash video on 'secret of unbalance'
Hammer testing : free of fixed support
Application Note
Impact Testing : Free Or Fixed Support
A vital question to be asked before performing hammer testing is – how do I support the testing object? What fixing mechanism to use? Or technically, what are the desired boundary conditions? Completely free or completely constrained?

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Featured Products : 831C Sound Level Meter; Vibro M Vibration Meter / Analyzer
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