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Happy Chinese New Year
Season's Greetings

願賜平安的主、隨時隨事親自給你們平安.願主常與你們眾人同在 (帖撒羅尼迦後書 3:16)
Prosig S&V handbook
New Noise & Vibration Handbook From Prosig
Prosig handbook is a handy reference for sound & vibration professional. The first part of the handbook introduces the Prosig measurement system. In the second part, there are comprehensive explanation of of various sensors, technical terms and theories in signal analysis for sound & vibration and condition monitoring.

Download Prosig Noise & Vibration Handbook     
HBM miniature pressure transducer
New Product
HBM P60 Miniature Pressure Transducer; Measurement From 20 Bar to 200 Bar
P60 transducers have a high accuracy 0.3% and are, thus, particularly suitable for pressure measurement for purposes of research, testing and development. 

The use of strain-gauge technology enables both the reliable determination of static pressure and safe measurement in the case of dynamic behavior.

Learn more about the HBM P60 Pressure Transducer
Motor Current Signature Analysis
New Function
Motor Fault Detection - Current Signature Analysis
The new MCSA module of Adash VA5 Pro Analyzer evaluates the condition of induction motor by means of current measurement. It can detect broken rotor bars or cracked rotor rings, shorted circuit in stator windings, air-gap
eccentricity and power quality.

Read more about the new Adash VA5-Pro Vibration Analyzer
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